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As demands on IP networks continue to grow, service providers need more flexible solutions. Casa Systems provides that flexibility in a portfolio of software, hardware / software, and virtualized IP networking solutions to meet the demands of a range of use cases. Casa’s legacy as an award winning provider of fixed access solutions including switching, routing and subscriber management has been leveraged to extend the portfolio beyond purpose-built hardware to service providers who are seeking a competitive edge in their broadband and data center networks.

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Cassini NetOS

Axyom WAG

Casa Systems’ Networking Software, Cassini NetOS runs routing, switching, security and subscriber management over state of the art industry standard compact footprint hardware. Designed for service provider networks, Cassini extends Casa’s proven and robust network management solutions to WANs and data centers. Cassini’s modular architecture enables multi-dimensional scaling as well as carrier-grade reliability and stability. Service providers can improve network manageability and achieve disruptive cost advantages while expanding and differentiating services to enterprises and consumers.

Axyom Virtualized IP Network Solutions

Axyom WAG

The Axyom Software Framework is a modular software framework designed to enable the power of virtualization in service provider networks. Designed for the cloud from the ground up, Axyom software solutions enable high performance and deployment flexibility in edge or core environments.

All of Casa Systems’ VNFs (core and access; cable, mobile, optical and IP) are built in the Axyom framework to enable synergy, convergence and performance. Axyom is designed for the multi-dimensional scaling and performance required in the ultra-broadband era.

Axyom is a full carrier-grade NFV infrastructure which enables common management of PNFs and VNFs to ease the migration toward network clouds. Axyom provides FCAPs management and integration to existing OSS / BSS systems and supports Open Source MANO (OSM) and ONAP northbound interfaces to OpenStack-based NFV orchestrators. Axyom also enables multi-site, multi-service orchestration.

With application-level KPIs and robust service assurance features, service providers can differentiate themselves from the competition with NFV 2.0 ultra-broadband services.

Axyom Broadband Network Gateway

The Axyom Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) provides enhanced subscriber and session management and Layer 2 / Layer 3 routing for xDSL or FttX access technologies. Deployable on a 1RU / 2RU x86 server at the network edge, or in a centralized cloud environment, the Axyom BNG increases flexibility and scalability and can dramatically lower TCO when compared to “big iron” alternatives.

Axyom Routing Solutions

The Axyom software framework enables additional service provider routing solutions that help service providers grow their MPLS services, enabling placement of router functions where they make the most sense for the customer.

Rialto IP Network Solutions


The Rialto family of IP Network Solutions from Casa Systems combines the powerful software features of the Cassini NetOS with state of the art terabit-scale performance in a 1RU platform. Rialto products deliver data center economics to the WAN and enable service providers to more effectively compete with ultra-broadband services.

Rialto Service Provider Edge Router

Casa Systems’ Rialto Service Provider Edge Router runs Cassini NetOS on a terabit-scale 1RU platform, providing an affordable and highly scalable solution for intra-data center L2 switching, data center inter-connect, and provider-edge routing including BGP route reflection. The Rialto Service Provider Edge Router is designed to bring data center economics to the WAN, outpacing the performance of legacy purpose-built hardware / software solutions while providing disruptive cost advantages for service providers from reduced space, energy and cabling requirements.

With a 1RU platform, automated configuration and zero-touch provisioning, service providers can easily deploy the Rialto Router to affordably grow L2/L3 MPLS services.

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