Innovative solutions that accelerate network evolution

From the CO to the home or business, you need solutions to help evolve your fixed network to deliver the faster speeds, greater service agility, and simplified operations required to compete for increasingly demanding broadband subscribers and profitably grow your broadband business. Casa has virtualized key network functions and created end-to-end solutions that provide you with optimum flexibility. Whether you need to modernize your Central Office with a high performing virtual core, expand or upgrade your PON network to 10G PON, with Casa’s virtualized and disaggregated solutions, you can accelerate your fixed network evolution and compete more effectively.


Casa’s Axyom virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) provides the scaling and flexibility needed as you virtualize and evolve your network. Casa’s core solutions are optimized for a distributed, virtual compute environment and as a result, they deliver superior performance and surpass industry benchmarks.

Deployed on standard COTS servers, the vBNG design is aligned with CORD or CloudCO architectures. Casa’s vBNG supports enhanced subscriber and session management as well as, Layer 2 / Layer 3 edge routing for xDSL or PON access technologies. Casa’s vBNG is based upon the Axyom Ultra Broadband Cloud software and provides integrated Provider Edge (PE) router capabilities along with powerful routing efficiencies when deployed with Casa’ vOLT solutions.

PON Solutions for FTTx

Casa’s OLT‑A is an adaptable OLT built for 10G PON evolution, supporting both XGS‑PON and NG‑PON2. Designed to provide integrated L2/L3 forwarding and offload edge routers, the OLT‑A can be flexibly deployed where it makes the most sense for your PON network needs. Casa’s innovative design distributes the data plane to the OLT‑A, so packets are routed directly after authentication. This reduces the load on the vBNG and improves performance.

Another Casa innovation, the vOLT-M provides the management and provisioning functions for the OLT‑A’s, simplifying operations by enabling all the OLT‑A’s to be managed from an integrated point. Completing Casa’s end‑to‑end solution set, Casa offers 10G PON ONUs for consumer, enterprise or MDUs.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi‑Fi is a key and increasingly important part of your network, offering a variety of opportunities that help increase the value of your services to your subscribers. Essential to increased value is the ability to segregate traffic, gather real‑time intelligence, and apply differentiated policy in real-time. Casa’s vWAG (virtual Wireless Access Gateway) gives you the subscriber intelligence features you need, regardless of the FIT access points you may have already deployed. The Axyom vWAG is highly dense (supporting up to 1M APs and 1M authenticated devices), high performing (up to 80 Gbps throughput), and gives you more opportunities to derive more value from your Wi‑Fi network.

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