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Your customers expect a lot, and they keep raising the bar as advances in technology provide new ways and reasons for them to connect. They want easy, anytime access, and you need solutions that can support them today and in the future.

Our mobile network solutions let you quickly and seamlessly deliver new and innovative services that give you the flexibility and control you need to meet these demands – and drive your business forward.

Ultra Broadband

Ultra broadband is more than ultra fast. We firmly believe – and our long-term strategic customers agree – that networks will converge, keep growing denser and become more intelligent. Ultra‑broadband services will require ultra‑fast, ultra‑secure and ultra‑reliable connections. And, the applications for ultra‑broadband will become increasingly unique, leveraging programmable network parameters that enhance QoE for subscribers, networks and applications. Our solutions allow you to deliver ultra‑broadband security, density, intelligence and flexibility today, and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the ultra‑broadband era.


The growth in mobile devices and the rise of IoT is transforming how people and machines communicate, but it’s also opening the door to new threats and ways to exploit users, IoT/M2M (machine‑to‑machine) devices and networks alike. Protecting this ever-growing number and variety of end points has become an important priority – and challenge. In this environment, security gateway functionality is a must. Our SeGW enables network densification with best-in-class IPSec tunnels, IPSec tunnel setup rates, number of subscribers and latency per rack unit (RU) so mobile traffic can be secured without sacrificing performance.

SeGW Data Sheet        


As you transition to VoLTE, it’s a good time to take another look at your small cell plans. Our Apex multi‑standard small cells combined with IMS VoLTE provide a smooth transition as you evolve and reallocate your networks along the 2G/3G spectrum. It’s clear that business cases for both small cell deployments and VoLTE are stronger when addressed in tandem. Our multi‑standard small cell and Axyom ultra-broadband edge platform provide the optimal coverage, capacity and functionality to advance VoLTE deployments cost effectively, simply and quickly. Our Apex small cell also delivers lower latency for user traffic.

Apex Multi-Standard Small Cell Technical Specifications         Axyom Solution Brief  


With voice over Wi‑Fi, you can extend your networks to take advantage of new opportunities, such as unmanaged public venues. But to realize its full potential, you need solutions that enable seamless mobility between cellular and Wi‑Fi networks. Our ultra-broadband edge platform, Axyom, provides integrated, multi‑standard and distributed virtual network functions so you have the flexibility and controls you need to enhance your networks with VoWi‑Fi and scale in multiple dimensions – all without degrading performance.

Indoor Location Intelligence Services

The ability to capture granular insights about the location and movement of users, particularly in indoor environments like malls, museums and other venues, gives you a game-changing opportunity to compete with managed or value-added services to enterprise or retail customers. But rolling out these services cost effectively is a major concern, as is the need to assure user anonymity. With Casa, you can capture and aggregate data across all users so individual information remains anonymous and without requiring users to opt in. Our solution lets you strike the right balance so you can power new revenue-generating services, manage costs and benefit from flexible deployment options while protecting the core from signaling overload.

Mobile Indoor Location Intelligence Services Data Sheet        

Private LTE

There are many cases where autonomous operation of an LTE network makes sense – and your customers are asking for it. For enterprises that want more control over policy, capacity and coverage, private LTE enables the full potential of LTE, but on their terms. In remote locations like oil rigs, cruise ships and other closed communities, it offers an ideal solution. And for public safety organizations that need dependable mission-critical solutions, it’s becoming the preferred alternative. Our unique approach enables the richest set of network functionality for private LTE networks on the market. You can flexibly deliver private LTE where it’s needed, while eliminating the need for costly, high-capacity backhaul and reducing demand on the network core. Start generating new revenue streams today with our solution for mobile private LTE networks.

Harnessing the Benefits of Private LTE Networks        

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