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Providing wireless connectivity in hotels, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), municipalities and other public environments can be challenging. Unfortunately, many of today’s Wi‑Fi solutions rely on an overlay approach that adds cost and complexity to your networks. It’s time for a fresh perspective.

Learn how our Wi‑Fi network solutions can simplify your networks and deliver the end‑to‑end control and management you need to provide high-quality indoor and outdoor Wi‑Fi experiences.

Ultra Broadband

Ultra broadband is more than ultra fast. We firmly believe – and our long-term strategic customers agree – that networks will converge, keep growing denser and become more intelligent. Ultra‑broadband services will require ultra‑fast, ultra‑secure and ultra‑reliable connections. And, the applications for ultra‑broadband will become increasingly unique, leveraging programmable network parameters that enhance QoE for subscribers, networks and applications. Our solutions enable ultra‑broadband speeds today, and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the ultra‑broadband era.


Hotel guests increasingly expect easy access to fast and dependable Wi‑Fi. A good experience can influence recommendations and return visits. However, deploying Wi-Fi in hotels can be costly, disruptive to guests and highly complex to manage – particularly in existing hotels with legacy networks. Our Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions are optimally suited to meet current and emerging Wi‑Fi demands in hospitality environments. Our integration of the Wi‑Fi network with the DOCSIS® network allows hotels to reuse existing coaxial cable infrastructure for Wi‑Fi to deliver unique, highly customizable guest experiences.

Wireless LAN Solutions for Hospitality Industry Overview        


MDU tenants expect access to high-performance Wi-Fi, but living in close proximity in often highly congested environments can lead to poor Wi‑Fi experiences. Our Wi‑Fi network solutions make it easy to deliver and manage Wi-Fi services to residents or as part of a community of Wi‑Fi solutions. With Casa, you can ensure optimal user experiences for MDUs through multi-vendor, cloud-based management and control, including standards-based radio resource management (RRM) and other virtualized network functions. Coupled with our distributed access cable architecture and the ability to deploy Wi‑Fi edge services over existing cable infrastructure or separately, you have the tools you need to rapidly and economically deliver Wi‑Fi, broadband and video services to MDU residents.

Municipal Wi-Fi

The emergence of smart cities and always-on connectivity is driving the demand for access to public Wi-Fi, from both subscribers and non‑subscribers alike. In addition to providing data access, there are opportunities to deploy new value-added services, such as a VoWi‑Fi. But these applications can be fraught with technical challenges, as many of these Wi‑Fi deployments are pure overlays to the DOCSIS network, adding overhead and management complexity. Our WLAN solution ends the separation between the DOCSIS and Wi‑Fi networks, making it easier to scale new services and transition smoothly and securely between indoor and outdoor networks.

Community Wi-Fi / Homespots

Wi‑Fi has become critical to the cable portfolio, allowing you to tap into your base of residential Wi‑Fi access points to offer wireless coverage and other value‑added services that can compete with other quad-play providers. However, many deployments today lack the visibility and control needed to improve performance and address issues that can impact the quality of experience. With Casa, you can ensure optimal user experiences through multi‑vendor, virtualized management and control, including standards-based RRM and other virtualized network functions.


As you deploy Wi‑Fi in support of new services, you need to deliver the same high-quality user experience expected from an operator-provided service. Key to this is ensuring the radio environment is optimally configured with a standards‑based RRM. However, many residential access points in cable Wi‑Fi networks don’t support RRM functionality. And implementing it can be a challenge in heterogeneous environments with access points from multiple vendors. Our virtualized Wireless LAN Core Services (WCS) support the CableLabs initiative to provide a vendor-neutral RRM interface, allowing you to implement consistent RRM policies across your network.

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