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As broadband demand continues to grow, service providers need to deliver superior performance, seamless scalability and a lower cost structure. Casa’s Fixed Network solutions leverage modern data center design principles to exceed market demands without compromises. Casa enables an open network which means that service providers are free to make the choices they need rather than being locked‑in to inflexible hardware and software.

The Axyom Multiservice Router (MSR) is the cornerstone for Casa’s Fixed Network solutions. The Axyom MSR is a decomposed / disaggregated router where the control and the data planes are separated and VNFs can be located where they provide the most value.

The MSR will support many services simultaneously. The initial services supported are:

  • vBNG Router
  • Provider Edge (PE) Router

Axyom Multiservice Router

Axyom WAG

To keep up with broadband demand, service providers have used proprietary routers to grow their edge networks. Cost and flexibility have been sacrificed because an open model did not exist and commodity hardware was not up for the task.

Casa’s Axyom Multiservice Router is a decomposed / disaggregated solution that runs in a data center architecture:

  • The user / data plane runs on open, programmable (white box) switches or access nodes
  • The control plane runs on x86 servers in the data center or on open, programmable (white box) switches / access nodes.

Using high performance commodity servers and open programmable switches, flexibility, performance and cost savings can be achieved without compromise. The data center architecture allows each VNF to scale independently delivering seamless scaling to tens of Tbps.


Axyom Multiservice Router Solution Brief >

Axyom Provider Edge (PE) Router

Axyom PE

The Axyom PE Router can support the following enterprise and mobile network functions:

  • L3 Enterprise VPN
  • L2 Enterprise VPN (Carrier Ethernet)
  • E-Line and E-Tree
  • Mobile backhaul traffic aggregation
  • Peering with Core Routers

As a PE router, the MSR supports a wide array of virtualized subscriber management, session management and edge routing capabilities.

Axyom vBNG Router

Axyom WAG

Casa’s Axyom Virtualized Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) Router is a fully functioned BNG that is an application available on Casa’s Multiservice Router (MSR).

Offering full separation of control and data planes in a microservices based architecture, and the ability to deploy as virtual machines or in container-based environment, the Axyom vBNG provides the flexibility service providers need. Aligned with CORD or CloudCO data center architectures, Casa’s vBNG Router delivers industry-leading throughput and latency thanks to packet forwarding and software design innovations.

The Axyom vBNG can play a key role in Casa’s Axyom XGS-PON and NG-PON2 solutions. Flexibility and performance set the Axyom vBNG apart from its rivals and give service providers a critical asset for simplifying and virtualizing their networks.



Axyom vBNG Data Sheet >


Axyom WAG

Casa’s Next Gen PON Solution architecture can support both XGS-PON and NG-PON2. The solution consists of the follow elements:

  • Axyom vOLT-M – The virtual OLT Manager manages and communicates with the Casa control plane VNFs running on the open, programmable OLT-As. The vOLT-M does not participate in the data path and but supports control and monitoring functions.
  • OLT-A – The OLT-Adaptable is an open or white box / physical OLT. The OLT-A is programmable and run’s Casa’s OLT control plane VNF which is managed, configured and monitored by the OLT-M. The OLT-A can be located at the data center or at a remote site closer to subscribers.


OLT‑A Data Sheet >

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