Designed for the access network evolution.

As competition increases in the race to deliver ultra-broadband digital services to consumers and businesses, service providers of all kinds increasingly look to Passive Optical Network (PON) solutions to address rising bandwidth, symmetrical service and lower operational cost requirements.

Now service providers can deliver ultra-broadband services more efficiently with Casa Systems’ Passive Optical Network (PON) access solutions. Casa’s PON portfolio is designed for the realities of access network evolution, where one size does not fit all, and service providers need flexible alternatives.

Casa’s PON solutions include next generation 10G EPON, XGS‑PON and NG‑PON2 alternatives. Service providers can choose solutions for centralized and distributed PON architectures to meet the diverse requirements of their networks.

In the race to profitably deliver ultra‑broadband services, service providers gain a competitive edge with Casa Systems’ flexible optical access portfolio of solutions.

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Casa’s 10G EPON portfolio includes both centralized and distributed / disaggregated PON solutions for optimum flexibility and performance. The portfolio includes 10G EPON OLT and ONU network elements and complies with the CableLabs’ DPoEv2 standard that optimize an MSO’s deployment of 10G EPON by enabling OLTs and ONUs to be managed from a DOCSIS back office.

Key solution components include:

  • 10G EPON card that co-exist with CCAP and DAA solutions in a single C100G or C40G chassis. This enables a greater return from existing CCAP investments and reduces head-end / hub space requirements
  • Remote OLT module enabling fiber deep architectures and reducing head-end / hub space requirements and energy costs
  • Family of ONUs for residential and enterprise needs, enabling an end‑to‑end system for delivery of IP voice, high speed data and video ultra‑broadband services


16x10G PON Card Data Sheet >


Axyom WAG

Casa’s Next Gen PON Solution architecture can support both XGS‑PON and NG‑PON2. The solution consists of the follow elements:

  • Axyom vOLT‑M – The virtual OLT Manager manages and communicates with the Casa control plane VNFs running on the open, programmable OLT-As. The vOLT-M does not participate in the data path and but supports control and monitoring functions.
  • OLT‑A – The OLT-Adaptable is an open or white box / physical OLT. The OLT‑A is programmable and run’s Casa’s OLT control plane VNF which is managed, configured and monitored by the OLT‑M. The OLT‑A can be located at the data center or at a remote site closer to subscribers.

  • Assets

    OLT‑A Data Sheet >

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