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Wi‑Fi has become the world’s most popular protocol, carrying over half of global Internet traffic. And the demand continues to increase with more connected devices, more need for mobile network offloading to ease capacity constraints, increasing options for Wi‑Fi and cellular integration, and increasing expectations from subscribers. Not only do subscribers expect easy access, they also want high‑quality, seamless experiences with any of their Wi‑Fi connected devices, whether they are at home or out and about.


Casa’s solution offers access point independent intelligent data plane management and processing in a virtualized gateway, the Axyom WAG. With the Axyom WAG performing policy enforcement, service providers can affordably customize their subscribers’ Wi‑Fi experiences.

Axyom WAG

Axyom WAG

Casa Systems’ Axyom Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) opens the doors to new revenue streams and better user experiences.. The Axyom WAG is an access point independent virtualized gateway that provides intelligent data plane management and processing on COTS hardware or in a data center cloud environment. Virtualization and policy combine to enable new service offerings to come to market faster since key functions are shifted away from the CPE onto a data center appliance or to the cloud. Virtualization and policy combine to enable mass customization of the Wi‑Fi experience, leading to more monetization opportunities and faster service generation.

In addition to traditional connectivity-centric services like Home-as-a-Hotspot, community Wi‑Fi, and Wi‑Fi roaming, the Axyom WAG enables affordable customization of value‑added Wi‑Fi services, eliminating costly truck rolls to change out CPE.

In the case of MDU’s, Casa’s solutions enable an affordable and programmable Wi‑Fi experience that is independent of access point vendor and enables upsell of differentiated services. One example is the Virtual Home service, which gives tenants the ability to securely connect and manage their fixed and mobile devices as if they were at home, regardless of where they are.

For SMB’s, the Axyom WAG enables provision of new Wi‑Fi services, including location based services, solutions for the IoT, and security‑as‑a‑service, for example FWaaS or NATaaS.


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