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Extracting more value from mobile networks, whether from new revenue-generating services or via new business models, requires new capabilities. You need technology and software solutions that provide revolutionary performance and flexibility while enabling a smooth evolution to 5G.

Casa’s virtualized 4G/5G core NFV design innovations give you superior performance, scaling, and flexibility. Our Radio Access Network (RAN) solutions give you the tools to accelerate and simplify network densification. With Casa’s service based architecture, network slicing can help you generate new revenues today.

Mobile Core Evolution to 5G

A 5G Core (5GC) will provide mobile service providers with new revenue opportunities and operational efficiencies. However, you need to get there from here in a smooth and cost effective way. This journey should start now. Working with Casa allows you to avoid regrettable spend on solutions that cannot evolve and are operationally inefficient. Casa provides a elegant evolution path while providing many of the benefits of a 5G Core with 4G today.

Casa’s core solutions are optimized for a distributed, virtual compute environment to deliver superior performance and surpass industry benchmarks:

  •   Up to 5X greater throughput per vCPU
  •   An industry leading, minimal vCPU Virtual Network Function (VNF) footprint
  •   Efficient control of 4G & 5G devices
  •   Both vertical and horizontal scaling
  •   Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS)
  •   Up to 6X faster service provisioning

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Apex RAN Portfolio

To meet rising demand and QoS expectations, mobile access networks need to be densified. But RAN solutions that meet your performance needs and take advantage of new spectrum opportunities, such as CBRS, without introducing increased operational complexity can be a challenge.

Wireless service providers are turning to Casa for creative RAN solutions, these solutions include our Apex Small Cells, Axyom Element Management System and Axyom virtualized Small Cell Core.

Casa’s lineup of Apex Small Cells consists of Lifestyle, Enterprise, Micro small cells and the Apex Strand, our new strand mount RAN solution that uses DOCSIS 3.1 backhaul and power from the strand. This portfolio helps address key coverage and capacity challenges that you face everyday.

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Apex Lifestyle Small Cell: Triangle Data Sheet
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CBRS Unlocks New Spectrum Intel & Casa Solution Application Paper

Virtualized Small Cell Core

As you add more small cells to densify your networks, your legacy EPC will become overwhelmed. Current EPC s have not been designed to handle the security, signaling and traffic loads driven by hundreds of new smalls.

To meet these challenges, service providers are turning to Casa Systems’ Small Cell Core which includes, the Casa’s virtualized HeNB / HNB Gateway with integrated security. Casa’s small cell core offers industry leading throughput and aggregates hundreds of Casa’s own or third party small cells. Deployed in Tier One service provider networks, Casa’s Small Cell solutions enable network densification and 5G evolution with more flexibility and less operational complexity.

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Small Cell Solution Brief
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The days when a wireless core network supported traffic from a limited number of highly secured macrocells are over. Traffic from millions of small cells and Wi-Fi access points (via VoWiFi) now flows through your core network. Unfortunately, Wi‑Fi and small cells inherently provide hackers with new opportunities to physically or logically access your core network. Greater security is a must.

Casa delivers the needed IPSec security with its virtualized SeGW and ePDG solutions. Casa’s solutions provide superior scaling and density supporting millions of IPSec tunnels.

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Axyom SeGW Data Sheet
Axyom ePDG Data Sheet

IoT Solutions

The Cellular IoT (C‑IoT) market is growing rapidly and with the adoption of more efficient RF technologies, such as, M1 and NB‑IoT, the growth will continue if not accelerate.

Is your network ready? Existing EPCs are not up to the task both financially and technically. In fact, 3GPP has introduced a new element, the C‑SGN (C‑IoT ‑ Serving Gateway Node) to provide an overlay core just for IoT and a new data path essential for efficient NB‑IoT.

Casa’s C‑SGN will ensure that your core network efficiently supports the growth of IoT traffic and the new types of IoT traffic.

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Axyom Cellular IoT Solution Brief

Network Slicing

Network Slicing is the cornerstone capability of the 5G Core (5GC) since it is essential for the effective handling new use cases that are bombarding wireless networks. How can a network efficiently support the extremes from NB‑IoT (with a less than 100 byte packet payloads) to 8K video and from best effort to Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC)? Network slicing is the answer. Network Slicing not only provides operational cost savings, it delivers revenue opportunities since it allows service providers to charge on a slice‑by‑slice / SLA basis. Discover how you can implement Network Slicing with Casa.

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5G Monetization

A 5G Core should first and foremost provide new revenue opportunities for wireless service providers. Network Slicing has been rightly grabbing all of the headlines for revenue generation but Network Capabilities Exposure should not be overlooked.

Can your network’s capabilities be securely exposed to web based companies like Netflix, Google … to help them deliver new services and allow you to monetize your 5G Core? The answer is yes and Casa can show you how.

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On Demand Charging Query Demonstration Video

Multi-Access Edge Computing

An increasing number of 4G and 5G use cases require compute, storage and networking closer to the end user to achieve the throughput, latency and location-awareness required. You need the ability to put network functions where they make the most sense for the application, ensure secure transport, and break out traffic for local services.

Casa’s VNFs (4G / 5G Core, Small Core, and IoT Core) offer the flexibility and performance you need. With full separation of control and user plane in the 4G core and a services-based architecture in the 5G core, you can flexibly distribute network functions, secure licensed or unlicensed traffic, and process that traffic at the edge.

VoLTE / VoWi-Fi

Whether you have already deployed VoLTE and / or VoWiFi or are still in the deployment phase, you need solutions that provide high QoS, seamless roaming, and that can scale to avoid capacity issues.

Casa’s virtualized mobile core offers complete separation of control and user planes for each VNF, enabling multi-dimensional scaling of the EPC to avoid authentication, gateway, and QoS handling failures. Casa’s virtualized ePDG offers similar scalability for VoWiFi traffic. Join the number of providers who have already adopted Casa’s solutions for VoLTE and VoWiFi to meet their performance and scalability needs.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi‑Fi is a key and increasingly important part of your network, offering a variety of opportunities that help offload your mobile traffic while increasing the value of your services to your subscribers. Essential to increased value is the ability to segregate traffic, gather real‑time intelligence, and apply differentiated policy in real‑time. Casa’s vWAG (virtual Wireless Access Gateway) gives you the subscriber intelligence features you need, regardless of the FIT access points you may have already deployed. The Axyom vWAG is highly dense (supporting up to 1M APs and 1M authenticated devices), high performing (up to 80 Gbps throughput), and gives you more opportunities to derive more value from your Wi‑Fi network.

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Core Convergence Solutions

Using a single virtualized core for wireless & wireline.

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(Spectrum) Sharing is Caring

An ABI Research Insight

Coordinated shared spectrum among MNOs is a concept that is gaining traction in the U.S. but the devil is in the details.

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